5 Best Tent Air Conditioners for Camping & Complete Buying Guide 2022

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We are all aware that we need to escape once in a while from our mundane lives. The daily hustle and bustle can only be tolerated if we go away from our busy urban lives. 

While most people prefer hopping on a flight and taking a vacation in some exotic location, many of us are still old-school at heart.

For us, a camping trip is all that is necessary to reconnect with our true inner selves and rejuvenate in the company of Mother Nature. 

Almost everybody loves camping as an activity. You can go on a solo camp, take your partner along, and even your family with kids.

You know how kids love to go camping, setting up the tents, having some mores by the campfire and falling asleep to the haunting stories about the forests. 

In other words, camping is for everybody. The best time to camp is during the summer season when the Sun guides you to your campsite.

While it doesn’t take a lot of time to plan a camp, and you can leave for a camping adventure within a day, you should be ready at all times with the gear. 

One of the most important things you need to carry during a summer camping trip is a tent air conditioner.

Camping entails a lot of energy loss, especially during the summer. Tents have no ventilation and can be extremely uncomfortable to live in after a day of hiking under the Sun.

Thus, it is incredibly crucial to carry a portable air conditioner for camping.

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What is the best portable air conditioner for camping?

Several factors determine the best tent air conditioner suitable for you. Below is a comprehensive list with a detailed analysis of some camping air conditioners that will help you make a choice. 

1. Tripp Lite Portable Air Conditioner

  • This 12000 BTU portable air conditioner is probably the best suited as a tent air conditioner. 
  • It is effortless to work with, mostly because it is equipped with a set of rollers. It has remote control management, which makes functioning easy. 
Tripp Lite Portable Air Conditioner for Server Racks and Spot Cooling

tent air conditioner

  • It uses an environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, which means it is eco-friendly.
  • Comes in a compact, sleek and matte look and blends well with all kinds of tent look.
  • Two-year warranty and free tech support are provided by the manufacturer, which means you need to spend less on maintenance.
  • This device is more on the expensive side.
  • This might not be very durable for the long run if this is handled roughly, and when one is out camping.
  • it is not possible to satisfy a device.

2. Coleman 9430D7153 Adb Deluxe Chillgrill White

  • This white corded electric conditioner is the best portable air conditioner for camping. This has a compact design which makes it easy to carry it.
  • It is equipped with filters which can be washed at home it-self. This camping air conditioner is one of a kind and extremely easy to carry on camping. 
Coleman 9430D7153 Adb Deluxe Chillgrille White

tent air conditioner

  • The control knobs are located on the horizontal surface, which provides easy access.
  • Its contemporary look blends well with any tent space.
  • It has an electric strip included, making it easy to install the equipment in a tent.
  • The cooling power is extreme, and this one is for big spaces.
  • Make sure you know the area that needs to cool down.

3. Portable Air Conditioner Fan, KUUOTE Personal Space Air Cooler Quiet Desk Fan

  • This portable air conditioner fan is a personal desk air cooler, small in size but very useful.
  • It is battery powered and is a new product in the market as it has been launched recently.
  • While it is best suitable as a tent ac, you can use it at other times and per your requirement. 
Portable Air Conditioner Fan, KUUOTE Personal Space Air Cooler Quiet Desk Fan

tent air conditioner

  • This device is perfect as a camping ac because it is battery-powered and runs on battery.
  • Hence you do not need electric connectivity.
  • It has an evaporative cooler, which indicates that it is incredibly efficient in terms of ventilation.
  • This is the best suitable tent ac for small tents.
  • You have to make sure the correct product reaches you and not just some rip-off.
  • You have to clean the water holding compartment very often to keep the scales away.

4. Edgestar 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

  • This Edgestar portable air conditioner is appropriate as a tent air conditioner. It is equipped with remote control and also has a touch control.
  • Both of these features increase its user-friendliness. It can cool down space up to five hundred square feet of area.
  • This product here comes with a window mounting kit. It also has three fan speeds, which can be controlled from any part of the room via the remote control. 
EdgeStar 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

tent air conditioner

  • This device is tiny in size and very compact.
  • It has an LED Display, which means it is technologically smart and controlled by anyone.
  • It has a twenty-four-hour timer that adds to its smart features.
  • This portable air conditioner for camping is a lot more expensive than other such devices available in the market.
  • This device produces a lot of noise, which is troublesome and interruptive of a good night’s sleep.

5. Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5000 BTU Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

  • This 5000 BTU device is perfect for cooling down a small tent area of around one hundred and fifty square feet.
  • It takes very little time for this machine to cool down a room even when it is too hot.
  • It has a low power startup that helps in two ways – it saves a lot of money as it requires less electricity, and by using less electricity, it helps in energy consumption, which means it is eco-friendly. 
Frigidaire FFRA0511R1E 5, 000 BTU 115V Window-Mounted Mini-Compact Air Conditioner

tent air conditioner

  • It has a mesh filter, which is washable.
  • The filter has a side slide access.
  • This makes it easy for it to be cleaned.
  • It is equipped with an automatic restart, which makes it easy to access.
  • When it resumes function, it starts from the mode it was left to.
  • It is economically a sage choice.
  • This tent air conditioner produces a lot of noise, which is not suitable for a shared tent space.
  • You might need to get used to the air direction modes, which needs to be appropriately controlled for proper ventilation.

How to make a tent air conditioner?

An air conditioned tent is what we all need after a day of rigorous hiking and adventures.

It is essential to feel comfortable in a camp at the end of a long, happy but tiring day.

We all know how difficult it gets to keep ourselves cool in a tent with no ventilation whatsoever. 

The atmosphere during the hot summer remains somewhat stagnant at night, and going to sleep with the tent entrance open is neither safe nor feasible.

Some arrangements must be made beforehand to keep a check on such things in such a situation. 

Tent air conditioners help us breathe with assurance and fall asleep when it is most needed. 

You might be thinking about how it is possible to fit an air conditioner in a tent or where one can find a tent with an air conditioner. 

To answer such curiosities, we have to mention that there is no special air conditioner for a tent. 

So if you go to a store and ask for a camping air conditioner, you will face blank faces.

Instead, it would be best if you are looking for portable air conditioners for camping. Look through some of the portable air conditioners available. 

Both room air conditioners and window ac units can be portable, and you need to understand your needs.

Depending on the tent you will be staying in, you have to choose your tent air conditioner. 

The installation mechanism of these air conditioners is different.

While generally, one should choose a window portable air conditioner for camping, there are many models of room ac units that are lightweight, compact, and easy to move around with. 

So, choose your camping ac very carefully. If you choose a device that is heavy in the weight, you might face difficulties in carrying it.

If you choose an air conditioner with less BTU, it might not satisfy your needs. 

It would also be best if you looked for a camping air conditioner that comes with an installation kit and is easy to install.

You surely do not want to spend a lot of time after reaching your camp while setting up the ac. 

That way, chances are, you will miss out on all the other fun and instead become more and more frustrated.

You might also make sure the air conditioner you buy is covered under an extended period of warranty to ensure that you spent your money in the right place. 

Once you make the purchase of an air conditioner for a tent, you have to go through installing it in the tent.

Some necessary steps are included in this do it yourself process. Fundamental things such as scissors, glue, and tape are required to fix a tent air conditioner

Once you follow the steps correctly, voila! You have a tent with air conditioner. Enjoy your newly installed tent air conditioner!

How to make use of a window air conditioner inside a tent?

There is nothing called a tent with air conditioner. Tents are temporary settlements that do not have such advanced facilities.

If you are camping during the peak of summer and feel suffocated and hot inside a tent, it is customary to wonder how to make a tent air conditioner? 

It is not that difficult as you might think it to be. To set up an air conditioner for tent, you need to carry a portable air conditioner for camping. 

Here is a step by step guide to install a portable air conditioner inside your tent.

1. Gather all the required equipment

  • The first step towards an air-conditioned tent is to gather the instruments.
  • You will need a tent area, a portable air conditioner for camping, one and a half yard of nylon, some fabric glue, and bungee cords.

2. Measurements and figuring out

  • After you have got your hands on all the required materials, you need to assess the tent’s area.
  • After that, you need to measure the camping ac unit to create a similar outlet for it.

3. Clean the tent

  • Cleaning the tent is of utmost importance because you might face some difficulty while working with the fabric glue.

4. Cutting and fitting.

  • You had earlier measured the ac unit. Now you have to cut out a part on the tent’s wall in that size and make an outlet for the air conditioner for a tent
  • After cutting out the outlet, mount the portable air conditioner’s unit and support it to stay in place. Attach the vent to it and finally fix all the loose ends.

5. Test your tent air conditioner.

  • After fixing the tent ac, you are good to go to experience a tent with air conditioner!

What to look for before buying a portable air conditioner for camping?

It is essential to have a clear idea of the available options before settling for a tent air conditioner.

Several factors play a vital role in the selection of an air conditioner for tent. The significant factors are discussed below. 

1. Portability

  • When we are talking about a tent air conditioner, it is natural that portability is a significant concern.
  • You need to carry the tent ac with you, which can only be smooth if it is easily portable. Check out the weight and dimension of the air conditioner.
  • Go for a lightweight, portable air conditioner for camping.
  • The dimension is also essential, and you need to select a device with a grip that will be easier to carry if you have to climb a slope or hike through rough terrain to reach the tent.
  • Lightweight also ensures easy installation.

2. Power Consumption

  • tent air conditioner should not consume more power. As we all know, a tent is a temporary settlement, and many tents have a supply of limited power.
  • That is why it is essential to take care of the fact that you choose a camping air conditioner that does not require a lot of electricity.
  • There is no point in carrying a portable air conditioner that needs hefty power supply to an area that cannot support the machine.
  • Such an incident will defy the whole purpose of carrying an air conditioner for tent. 

3. Size

  • The consideration of the size of a tent air conditioner is very crucial. A tent is small in size. So, for an air conditioned tent, you don’t need to look for a massive machine in size.
  • Neither will such a machine be required to cool down a tent space, nor will it be feasible to carry an air conditioner oversized in size.
  • So, when deciding to buy a camping ac, make sure it is compact in size, which will enhance its portability. 

4. Type of AC

  • There are two types of portable air conditioner for camping. There is the window air conditioner, and then there is the room air conditioner.
  • Each of these has its own pros and cons as tent ac. For example, a window air conditioning unit is lighter than a room ac.
  • This means that it is easily portable. On the other hand, it might be more useful to make an air-conditioned tent when it comes to a room air conditioner. 
  • You have to closely analyze the kind of air conditioner that will be most beneficial to you depending on the camp’s location and the area of the tent. 

5. Price

  • Investing in a portable air conditioner for camping is a wise decision. You will end up using the ac unit for other purposes as well.
  • But, spending a fortune on an air conditioner for tent is sheer stupidity.
  • Take care of the fact that you make no compromise with the product’s quality while also making sure you get the best value for your money. 

An air conditioned tent is just the best reward at the end of a steep hike. It provides you with comfort and relief.

In a tent with air conditioner, you can rest throughout the night and catch up on sleep you will need the next morning. 

So, before buying a camping ac, you should thoroughly check out the product’s details and choose the most suitable one for you.

Remember, a portable air conditioner for camping is an investment.

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