Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars & Trucks | Portable car air conditioners buying guide 2022

If you are someone who has the travel bug and loves to travel around, you definitely know about the importance of a portable air conditioner.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered while you embark on a road trip and one among them is the decision of which portable air conditioner unit for a car you should buy.

A portable air conditioner comes in handy. It should be ideally small in size, light in weight and be energy efficient.

While it is very easy to get confused about which product to buy, you should know that you should be well aware of the features that a particular product provides and the ones that are not present in any other one.

We are absolutely sure that you will want nothing but the best for your family and for yourself. Here is a list of the best portable air conditioners that you should checkout.

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HAMSWAN Portable air cooler

This portable air conditioner acts as a cooler, a dehumidifier and a purifier as well. This device is rechargeable and it has an LED display. The LED display will let you control it better in the dark.

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars & Trucks

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars & Trucks

  • This portable air conditioner unit for car is noiseless and won’t disrupt anything with its sound.
  • It has a USB charging facility.
  • This device is extremely lightweight and it can be carried with ease.
  • It has to be filled with water in intervals.

  • Balhvit Portable air conditioner

This portable air conditioner is the best suited if you are travelling through the desert or through some arid climatic conditions.

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars & Trucks

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars & Trucks

This machine is capable of turning dry and hot air into cool and humid air that fills up your car or truck. This is a very compact and lightweight machine which can fit anywhere in your truck or car.

  • It has a 2000 mAh in-built battery.
  • It is rechargeable as well and provides a backup of four hours.
  • This portable air conditioner unit for car has three fan modes.
  • With the help of it, you can achieve any temperature you want for the perfect cooling.
  • It is eco-friendly because it is extremely energy efficient and has no Freon cooling technology.
  • This machine is a bit noisy.
  • It has a one-way air vent.
  • The problem with that is, only one person can use it at a time.

  • Begleri Portable Air Conditioner 

If you are looking for a replacement of your car air conditioner, this device is the best suited for you. This portable air conditioner is extremely cost-effective and will not burn a hole in your pocket.

This portable air conditioner unit for car and trucks uses an evaporative cooling technology.

This means that it takes in hot and dry air and converts it into cool and humid air which caters to you. This device has any more perks.

This portable air conditioner is absolutely noise-free. It does not produce more than thirty decibels of sound even when it is at the highest fan speed.

Equipped with a 420 ml tank, this device can provide you with a continuous supply of cool air for at least five hours.

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars & Trucks

Best Portable Air Conditioners for Cars & Trucks

And if the fan speed is kept at the lowest, it can go on up to seven hours. With its water shortage reminder, you can be well aware of the water requirements.

  • It is small in size and very easily portable.
  • It cools very fast, and the quality is very sturdy.
  • There are two timers in the machine.
  • Both of these together are of great help and you can decide whenever you want the device to go to sleep.
  • The effect of cooling of this portable air conditioner cannot be shared by many at a given time.

Now that you have viewed some of the portable air conditioners available in the market, you must be thinking about what should be your call. Which feature should outweigh everything?

Yes, this is a very common dilemma when you have just read about a set of wonderful products, and you now have to choose the best of the lot and that too something that is the most suitable for you.

Here at your rescue, we are providing you with a list of features that you need to keep in mind before you decide on buying a portable air conditioner for car.

Portable air conditioner for car Buying Guide 2022


  • If you have decided to buy a portable air conditioner, you must know that you need to fit the unit in your car or your truck.
  • Naturally, you need to choose a device that is small in size. The size of the portable air conditioner unit for car will also affect this choice of yours.
  • If you have a big car or a big truck, you will need to buy a unit that will suffice for space.


  • Buying a portable air conditioner is an investment. You can be assured of the fact that however much you spend on the unit.
  • You will be able to get good use out of it, especially if you are travelling on the country roads during the summer.

Energy Consumption

  • It is crucial to take care of the energy that the portable air conditioner The BTU of the machine lets you know about the energy that the unit consumes.
  • Keeping in mind the area and space of the car or the truck, you should choose your portable air conditioner for car.
  • Once you have an estimate of the area of space that needs cooling, that is, the area of the car, you will have a clear understanding of the BTU that you require.
  • Normally, a 5000 BTU unit can cool down an area of two hundred square feet.
  • One more thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the portable air conditioner will come in handy while you travel.
  • So, it is important that you check on the kind of power necessary for the performance of the device and decide accordingly.

The noise produced by the unit 

  • One of the main problems or disadvantages of portable air conditioners is that they produce a substantial quantity of noise.
  • So, this one is a crucial point to keep in mind. Be sure of the fact that the unit that you set your mind to buy is the one that produces the minimum amount of noise.
  • This will ensure that you have a very comfortable and hassle-free experience while you drive around. Who wants a continuous numbing sound while they are driving anyway?


  • Installation of the portable air conditioner unit for car is a major step. You need to ensure that it is as easy as it can get.
  • This simple procedure needs attention and skills in technicalities.
  • Hence, it will be best if you can look into the matter with utmost First, you need to find a portable air conditioner that comes with the installation kit.
  • This way, there will be no need to take a look at equipment. Secondly, you should make sure you get a portable air conditioner unit for car that is easy to install.
  • That way, you can do it yourself and save a substantial amount by not opting for professional help.

Extra features in the Air Conditioner 

  • Portable air conditioners have developed a lot with time.
  • Gone are those days in which an ac unit meant a huge block of concrete that could not be moved from one place to another without involving the village.
  • The portable air conditioner unit for car in the market nowadays are as small as a medium-sized flower vase.
  • You might think that’s it and I suppose you might be wrong. There are numerous other options as well as features that are added to the units.
  • These include LED display, remote control connectivity, ability to be connected to the Wi-Fi and many more.
  • Look for these when you research to select the absolute best for yourself.


  • This one is one of the most important things to take care of, especially in the case of portable air conditioner.
  • Make sure you select a device that will provide you with a warranty that will suit your purpose and which will be on par with the amount you will be paying for the machine.
  • Warranty is huge security in the face of any electrical appliance. Do not make any kind of mistake especially the one where you completely rely on the company.
  • You will need that warranty when your machine breaks down in the middle of the drive, and there is no way you can figure it out on your own.

We have provided all the information that is necessary to select the most suitable portable air conditioner for your car.

You also have a list to select from. Portable air conditioner for car and trucks are becoming more and more important with a lot of people choosing to go on road trips in the face of the pandemic.

Making a decision is hard but not impossible. You just need to be confident about the product of your choice and make sure it ticks all the boxes that you need it to be fit in.

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